Announcing the Launch of CKXU’s Brand New Website!

Introducing the new and improved CKXU.COM

The CKXU Crew has been working behind the scenes with London Road Marketing over the past year to bring our community the highly anticipated launch of our brand new and beautifully functional website!

From 2018 to 2021, volunteers and staff alike worked together to collect donations from listeners and supporters of the station via annual FUNdrive fundraisers. The goal was to raise funds to build a website that would incorporate our growth and brand into the design, introduce show archiving for locally produced radio programs, and increase the functionality, navigation, and general accessibility of the website.

Having the opportunity to listen to and explore archived radio programs at their leisure means that listeners won’t miss out on the curated and local content being created on-air. They can re-listen to their favourite episodes, share radio programs with their friends, and in general increase their exposure to CKXU radio programs such as For the Record, Billet Doux, Esencia de Mujer, Partial Recall, Hot Rock Blues Beat, and more great local programming!

You can check out the new website at CKXU.COM as of Friday January 20, 2023!

Announcing the Launch of CKXU’s Brand New Website!