Spooky Scary Scavenger Hunt

Do you love taking silly selfies? Getting out in to the community?? Or looking for something to do from the warmth of your home?

Why not join the CKXU Spooky Scary Scavenger Hunt this weekend?

From Thursday October 22nd to Sunday October 25th there will be 10 questions posted daily to complete. Questions vary from taking photos, completing written answers, and also taking videos!

The overall winner of the Scavenger Hunt will receive a prize package that includes various vinyl curated by the CKXU Music Director, a $25 Gift Certificate to Street Legal Records, another $25 Gift Certificate to BLOOMDiggity, and throwback CKXU FUNdrive swag!

To get started, download your Scavenger Hunt Checklist. It contains all the questions that will be asked over the course of the week so you can prepare in advance. You need to submit the questions on the CORRECT day in order for them to count!

Once you’ve read over our checklist, go to the submission page to submit your answers, photos, and videos! Ensure that you are using the same email address each time as it will be used to determine the winner.

Additionally, rules are listed on the submission page, so be sure to give them a read over before you start!

NOTE – You are NOT required to enter any location to complete this ONLINE Scavenger Hunt. You may need to get creative with the Google Maps Street View feature in some cases if you are unable to travel to certain locations!

PLEDGE to FUNdrive 2020!