ULSU 2022 Election Interviews – Nicolas Crespo

Posted March 8, 2022 at 4:28pm

Interviewee: Nicolas Crespo, ORS President Candidate
Interviewer: Michael Doherty, CKXU Program Director

Check out Nicolas’ social media for more information about her platform:


ULSU Candidate Bio

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Audio Segment Detail


  • 00:07 to 00:20 – Who are you and what do you do on campus currently?

  • 00:21 to 00:30 – What position are you aiming to be elected to?

  • 00:31 to 00:53 – What led you to seek out this position? And what does this position entail? (Alternatively: what inspired you to seek out this position?)

Your Campaign

  • 00:53 to 01:44 – What are the central tenets of your campaign? What changes are you personally interested in making to improve the student experience?

  • 01:44 to 02:42 – How are your goals different from those of your competitors?

Student Interaction

  • 02:43 to 03:51 ULSU elections (like most elections honestly) have had difficulties with student engagement. What would you do to increase engagement with the student body if elected, and how would you encourage the student body to care about these elections?

  • 03:52 to 04:28 – What (if anything) do you have planned specifically to bolster communication between the ULSU and the student body?


  • 04:29 to 05:00 – How can students contact you with questions/concerns?

  • 05:01 to 05:27 – How can students vote in this election?

  • 05:28 to 06:27 – Do you have any closing statements, or would you like to expand on anything we’ve touched on previously?