Genna’s Top 10


Kishi Bashi (Athens, Georgia)
Song: Honeybody
Album: Sonderlust, Released September 16, 2016
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No Vacation (San Francisco, California)

Song: Yam Yam
Album: Yam Yam, Released May 12, 2017
Bandcamp // Instagram

Julia Jacklin (Sydney, Australia)
Song: Pressure to Party
Album: Crushing, Released February 22, 2019
Bandcamp // Instagram

Peach Pyramid (Victoria, BC)
Song: FOMO
Album: Bright Blue, Released September 20, 2019
Bandcamp // Instagram

Lunar Vacation (Atlanta, Georgia)
Song: Unlucky
Album: Unlucky, Released March 11, 2020
Bandcamp // Instagram

club sofa (Vancouver, BC)
Song: You vs. My Self-Esteem
Album: club sofa, Released September 8, 2018
Bandcamp // Instagram

jock tears (Vancouver, BC)
Song: jock tears
Album: bad boys, Released September 28, 2018
Bandcamp // Instagram

Marlaena Moore (Edmonton, AB)
Song: Xmas Oranges
Album: Pay Attention, Be Amazed!, Released March 27, 2020
Bandcamp // Instagram

soccer mommy (Nashville, Tennessee)
Song: crawling in my skin
Album: color theory, Released February 28, 2020
Bandcamp // Instagram

Bailey Kate (Lethbridge, AB)
Song: Easy Steps
Album: Easy Steps, Released January 16, 2020
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