FUNdrive 2020: It’s ALIVE!

CONTACT: Genna Bourchier, Executive Director, CKXU Radio Society
TELEPHONE: 403-329-5189
EMAIL: [email protected]

February 28, 2020

CKXU Presents: FUNdrive 2020 – It’s ALIVE!
March 13 to 21 2020


From March 13th – 21st, CKXU 88.3 FM is celebrating it’s week-long radio-telethon fundraiser, FUNdrive! FUNdrive is the time of year where CKXU actively collects donations from generous listeners and supporters in order to maintain general operations, fund capital projects, build resources in the community and grow as an organization. This year’s theme is “It’s ALIVE!”, a fun take on classic 50s/60s pulp horror. Over the course of the week of fundraising, CKXU 88.3 FM shines a spotlight on celebrating its volunteers, the vast network of local partnerships with businesses and organizations, and the value of donor support. 

The donations towards this year’s FUNdrive will be going towards a brand new, custom-built website. The fundraising initiative for this capital project started with our 2018 FUNdrive campaign, and is set to be completed in the next one to two years. 

“Music is an integral part of Lethbridge’s community and we at CKXU feel strongly that it should be as easily accessible as possible. We’re hoping that this website redesign will help us play a more effective role in the distribution, promotion and support of local musicians, businesses and arts organizations.”
Genna Bourchier, Executive Director

The new website will capitalize on improved functionality of existing features, build upon accessibility and navigation, and will be completely rebranded. Some new and exciting attributes include the introduction of podcast episodes, radio show playlists and profiles, and a community-based calendar to increase engagement and awareness within the Lethbridge community. This will provide our programmers and listeners with a more interactive, easily accessible listening format so that all of our radio programming is readily available whenever that good ol’ CKXU listening bug hits! The website will also be designed to receive digital musical submissions from artists from across the world – over time this will help facilitate the creation of a huge database of music for CKXU volunteers and the greater Southern Alberta community to better showcase a diverse and inclusive variety of genres and musical voices.

CKXU has seen much success with capital project based fundraising campaigns in recent years. Between 2013-2016, CKXU canvassed the public for donations to build infrastructure to boost its broadcasting strength from 100 watts to 3000 watts. This project came to completion in early 2019 and is a landmark achievement for CKXU, and the community as a whole. 

“The Signal Increase project was a fundraising dream in the making for close to five years! We’re so lucky to call the Lethbridge community home, as this project would not have been possible without the support of our donors, volunteers, staff, and listeners. We’ve always kind of associated ourselves with the ‘donor-powered radio’ mentality, and now we can say that we truly are!”
Genna Bourchier, Executive Director

For a complete list of FUNdrive 2020 swag, event information, and fun blog content, please visit, or tune in to CKXU at 88.3FM between March 13th – 21st for specialty FUNdrive radio programming! Dial 403-329-5189 to make a pledge! For more information about FUNdrive 2020: It’s ALIVE!, general details relating to CKXU, or to book an interview, email Genna Bourchier at [email protected]