Dai’s Top 10


Anachnid (Montreal, QC)
Song: Windigo
Album: Dreamweaver, Released February 28, 2020
Bandcamp // Facebook

The Jerry Cans (Iqaluit, Nunavut)
Song: Havava
Album: Havava, Released February 14, 2020
Website // Instagram

Bad Manners (London, UK)
ft. King Kapisi (New Zeland)
Song: Brimstone
Album: Brimstone, Released March 5, 2020

Def-i (Albuquerque, New Mexico)
Song: Swim Don’t Drown
Album: Deserted Oceans, Released March 6, 2020
Bandcamp // Instagram

Kes (Trinidad and Tobago)
Song: Jamdong
Album: Jamdong, Released January 10, 2020
Soundcloud // Website

DRMNGNOW (Melbourne, Australia)
Bandcamp // Facebook
ft. River Boy
Song: Survive
Album: Survive, Released January 22, 2020

Rex Smallboy (Vancouver, BC)
Song: The Same Battles
Album: The Same Battles, Released January 29, 2020
Soundcloud // Instagram

Drezus (Calgary, AB)
Album: BSK, Released March 2020
Soundcloud // Instagram

Shawnee (Toronto, ON)
Song: Building A Wall
Album: Building A Wall, Released February 6, 2020
Website // Instagram

David Strickland ()
ft. Supaman, Artson, Spade, JRDN, Whitney Don
Song: Turtle Island
Album: Turtle Island, Released February 20, 2020
Bandcamp // Instagram