2021 Western Canadian Music Awards


Voting for the 2021 Western Canadian Music Awards is officially open for members of the Western Canada music industry! Included in the list of Nominees for the 2021 awards are a wide variety of talented Albertan musicians, including Kat Danser, Sargeant x Comrade, Garth Prince, D’orjay The Singing Shaman, Talltale, Notas de 4, Scenic Route to Alaska, Emily Triggs, and more.

Tune in to a special episode of For the Record this Friday May 28, 2021 from 9AM to 12PM to hear a specially curated episode featuring songs from all of the 2021 Alberta Nominees. For more information about the 2021 Western Canadian Music Awards, check out the below links for BreakOut West!

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9am – 10am

  • Kat Danser – Way I Like It Done [One Eye Open]; Edmonton

  • Debra Power – Before My Time [Before My Time]; Calgary

  • Kenny “Blues Boss” Wayne (ft. Dawn Tyler Watson) – Just Do It! [GO, Just Do It!]; Edmonton

  • Sargeant X Comrade – Take Me Higher (Who Let The Devil In) [Magic Radio]; Calgary

  • Tate McRae – Wish I Loved You In The 90s [Too Young To Be Sad]; Calgary

  • Garth Prince – Falling Africa [Falling Africa]; Edmonton

  • Peter Puffin’s Whale Tales – Proud Like A Mountain (Soup Mix) [Festival Soup!]; Edmonton

  • Seeka Sings – Raspberry Fingers [Seriously Singable Children’s Songs]; Edmonton

  • Omar Daniel & Land’s End Ensemble – 2 Lieder nach Rilke: No. 1 Die Engel [Chamber Works]; Calgary

  • D’Orjay The Singing Shaman – Whodatman [New Kind of Outlaw]; Edmonton

  • Gord Bamford – Heaven On Dirt [Heaven On Dirt]; Lacombe

10am – 11am

  • Nice Horse – High School [High School]; Calgary

  • Talltale – 26 [Sugar]; Edmonton

  • Notas de 4 – Almas Danzantes [Almas Danzantes]; Calgary

  • Rubim de Toledo – Bottom Dweller [The Dig]; Edmonton

  • Numenorean – Stay [Adore]; Calgary

  • Jocelyn Alice – Little Devil [Little Devil]; Calgary

  • Slo-Fi (ft. Kevin Kia Hong Choo & Shawn Leon) – Eufórica [Eufórica]; Calgary

  • Miesha & The Spanks – Unstoppable [Singles EP]; Calgary

  • Scenic Route To Alaska – Daydreaming [Daydreaming]; Edmonton

  • Emily Triggs – Middletown [Middletown]; Edmonton

  • Michael Bernard Fitzgerald – I Love That Sound [Love Valley]; Calgary

  • Cheer – Dusk to Dawn [Cardinal Directions]; Calgary

11am – Noon

  • Parasol Ghost – Love You [All Else Has Long Been Forgotten]; Calgary

  • J.Alpinist – Chilaseva [CHS Dubs]; Calgary

  • Monodrone – Leather Gloves [Smooth Cuts]; Calgary

  • Matthew Cardinal – July 23rd [Asterisms]; Edmonton

  • Aimee-Jo Benoit & Trio Velocity – Lonely Lonely [Borjoner]; Calgary

  • Brian Buchanan – Never Let Me Go [Solo Sessions]: Calgary

  • Logan James – Spirits Rest [Dawn From Darkness]; Airdrie

  • Colleen Brown – The Garden [Isolation Songs]; Edmonton