Sled Island 2023 Day 3: June 22, 2023 Recap

Sun Ra Arkestra
shn shn
Shumaila Hemani
Narcissistic Necrosis

For Day 3 of Sled Island 2023, the “For The Record” Team started off the day by dropping into Sloth Records to catch a quick set from the Calgary band, Narcissistic Necrosis.

Narcissistic Necrosis is a duo that blends the metal styles of Death Grind, Doom, and Black to create an encapsulating experience. Despite being a duo, their style of playing really makes you feel like there is a full 4-piece metal band in front of you! Sloth Records is a really cool and unique venue however the small space did not do Narcissistic Necrosis justice, and the team feels a larger space would allow audience members to really take in the depth of the music and experience all the elements of their playing.

The team was lucky enough to get to Central United Church early enough to get into the sold out show! Starting the show off was Calgary based Pakistani music researcher/singer/composer/poet/experimental artist, Dr. Shumaila Hemani. Her performance really expanded on the themes of environmentalism, and awareness of the increased climate crises touched on in her debut album “Mannat”. Her thought provoking performance was a mixture of traditional Sufi singing and spoken word pieces along with a violinist and tabla player.

Toronto artist shn shn continued the show and sustained captivation of the large audience with her performance. She blends the styles of Ambient Electronic, Drone, and Bedroom Pop to make a unique and relaxing sonic experience. The smooth repeating electronic themes, vocal loops, and synths creates a warm atmosphere much like wrapping oneself in a blanket and being with just your thoughts. Due to the nature of the music, each live performance of her songs is different, making every live set a unique and singular experience.

Ending off the show was the headliner Philadelphia Jazz group, Sun Ra Arkestra. Formed in the mid 1950s by Le Sony’r Ra (Sun Ra) the group has been going strong touring and performing around the world even after Sun Ra’s passing in 1993. Now led by Marshall Allen the group blends Jazz with Swing, Rock ‘n’ Roll, Blues, Funk, Soul and Electronic. With each musician encouraged to add their own improvisations each show it makes each experience “once in a lifetime”. If you’re the type of person that thinks you can’t dance to Improvisational music, check out Sun Ra Arkestra and be surprised! Their extensive discography goes back to 1957, so there is a lot of music to explore and enjoy.

The show was so popular that even as the team left a very packed Central United Church, there was a long line of Sled goers outside hoping to catch even a few notes of the performance through a window or door.


The team finished the night at The Palomino Smokehouse, another very packed Sled venue. They were able to make it in time to catch Calgary/Lethbridge group, Stucco. This band is for those that enjoy Art Rock, Punk, Post-Punk, and Indie Rock as each song contains elements of each style. Check out their debut EP on Bandcamp. Big thanks to bassist Brittney for taking time for an interview with the team!


Even though the team couldn’t catch Calgary, AB band, Oranje, early in the evening at Ship & Anchor, they were able to meet up with band member Dave for a quick interview. Dave is also a member of Calgary groups Snakepit & Look Alive.

The team got caught up in the rest of the night enjoying music while running into old friends and even some friends and regulars of the Lethbridge music scene. The recurring theme and feeling with most people is that Sled Island is the place to be able to see music friends from across Canada every year.

Sled IIsland

The annual Sled Island Music & Arts Festival is back June 20 to 25, 2023!

Experience five days of music, comedy, film, and art in diverse venues across Calgary, Alberta! Featuring genre-defying indie/alternative artist Bartees Strange as guest curator, garage rock chameleons Osees, Chicago-based indie rock three-piece DEHD, cosmic free jazz legends Sun Ra Arkestra, Latin folk innovator Helado Negro, Toronto’s viral hip-hop sensation Akintoye, gothic folk artist Emma Ruth Rundle, Philadelphia-based punk rock revolutionaries Mannequin Pussy, alternative R&B/hip-hop artist Amindi and many more! 

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