February 5th, 2022 Coverage Report.

Initially Posted at 11:15 am February 5th, 2022


– ULFA Job Action Student FAQ-
– ULGA / AUPE / ULPA / GSA / ULSU Solidarity Statement

ULFA Job Action Student FAQ

New Informational Link for Students

Late last night (February 4th, 2022), ULFA released an FAQ for students regarding Job Action. Below is the opening paragraph of the FAQ:

The ULFA Job Action Committee (JAC) has created this FAQ to address questions that students might have in an ULFA job action situation. This FAQ will be updated periodically and if you have any additional questions that are not address here or need clarification, please reach out to ULFA staff by emailing [email protected].

Click here to read the entire FAQ on the ULFA Website.

ULGA / AUPE / ULPA / GSA / ULSU Solidarity Statement

ULFA Receives “Incredible Statement”

Last night ULFA posted a link to a Solidatary Statement from the above-mentioned groups to their Facebook Page.

Today we received this incredible statement by every union and student group @uLethbridge. They have pledged to not replace ULFA Members’ work in the event of a strike. This is what solidarity looks like. https://www.ulfa.ca/…/ulga-aupe-ulpa-gsa-ulsa…/ #ouruniversity #worthfightingfor #savethesemester

Here is a link to ULFA’s Facebook Page.

“The Spirit of Collective Bargaining”

The Statement starts by outlining the spirit of collective bargaining. It then goes into the following pledge:

It is in this spirit of collective bargaining that, the labour groups—University of Lethbridge Graduate Association (ULGA), AUPE Local 053, and University of Lethbridge Post-Doctoral Association (ULPA)—and student advocacy groups—Graduate Students’ Association (GSA) and University of Lethbridge Students’ Union (ULSU)—on the University of Lethbridge campus pledge that their members will not participate in replacing striking and/or locked out employees. Specifically, we agree that our members will not fulfill the work duties of other employees on campus in the event that they strike and/ or are locked out.

Members Encourage to Reach Out if They Are Asked to Replace Striking and/or Locked Out Employees

The statement further details what their members should do in the event they are contacted to replace striking and/or locked out employees.

If any of our members are contacted to replace striking and/or locked out employees, we encourage them to reach out to their respective labour and/or advocacy group. For undergraduate students, that is the ULSU; for graduate students not engaging in academic employment (do not currently hold a GA or RA contract), that is the GSA; for academically employed graduate students (GA teaching, non-teaching, and RAs), that is ULGA; for post-doctoral fellows, that is ULPA; for non-academic staff that is AUPE local 053.

By clicking here, you will be sent to the ULFA website with the full statement, including a link to the original signed version.

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