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CKXU local release mail-out!

Hello local artists/friends of local artists,

Are you interested in having your album shipped out by us along with some other great local music? We will do this for you at a very low cost of $1 per CD (PLEASE in a sum of either 30 or 50) you wish to send. That’s only $30 or $50 to get your tunes all across Canada and potentially charting on the national charts (click to view the latest)?!?!? This cost goes towards the postage and packaging costs. If interested in participating, please have the following prepared:

  • Have 30 or 50 copies (burning your own copies is fine, but test them to make sure they work!) of your upcoming or most recent release (from within the past 6 months or so ideally to ensure other stations will play them)
  • Have a respective 30 or 50 copies of a one-sheet (click to read more if you’re unsure what I’m talking about), with important information about the album you are sending. Search online for one-sheet templates if you’d like a more specific idea, or would like help in getting started. If you would like us to make photocopies of this for you, please add $5 to your total.
    • Limit the following info to one piece of paper:
      • a) Artist name
      • b) Album title
      • c) Album release date
      • d) Contact info / Website / Social media links
      • e) Genre and name a few other bands that you sound like
      • f) Put a note that lists any songs with potentially offensive language or content that others might need warning about before playing on radio
      • g) Brief band bio / Additional info about this release
      • h) *OPTIONAL* a photo of the artist and the album cover is a nice visual to add…
  • Bring $30 to send 30 copies of your album or $50 to send 50 (plus the $5 for printing costs if needed) to CKXU. Please get in touch for drop-off arrangements.
  • Have this to CKXU by Wednesday, August 2nd at the latest!

Feel free to get in touch with any other questions you might have by emailing: [email protected]


Hey folks! Ever thought about joining the CKXU team? Well if you’re a currently a student, here’s your chance! Opportunity 1/2 CKXU Live On Location Content Director (Contract) “CKXU Live On Location Content Director” The CKXU Live On Location Content Director is concerned with details directly relating to development, management, and archiving of all relevant…Continue Reading

Love & Records 2016 – THANK YOU!

Love & Records 2016 The CKXU Radio Society would like to thank all the people, sponsors, volunteers, vendors, bands, and anyone else who participated in this year’s Love & Records! It was super fun! See you next year! Love & Records is Western Canada’s largest FREE out-door record fair held annually at Galt Gardens in Downtown…Continue Reading

CKXU is hiring a Post-Production Audio Engineer for L&R2015 LP Project

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Love & Records wins Hip Downtown Transformation Award

Love & Records music festival and record fair was honoured with the “Hip Downtown Transformation” award for being a leader in the transformation of the downtown at the ‪#‎CelebrateDowntownYQL‬event tonight! CKXU Radio Society was also nominated for a “Champagne” award for being a champion of a vibrant downtown. Thank you to all volunteers, musicians, and…Continue Reading

FUNdrive 2016! THANK YOU!

Just a note to say thank you for all of the love and support from all of our fantastic donors, volunteers, partners and sponsors during the 2016 FUNdrive! Together we raised $25,605 – Something that we just could not have accomplished without your support. Thank you, we truly appreciate it. Remember, you can donate to CKXU…Continue Reading

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Edmonton, AB – The Herd Audio Challenge invites Alberta-based radio producers and fans alike to create a three-minute audio work that relates to a specified theme, adheres to two rules and is completed in two months. Participants have until January 31, 2016 to create a piece that fulfills the outlined criteria in three minutes or…Continue Reading