Hello there!

My name is Genna Bourchier and I am the Volunteer Coordinator at CKXU 88.3 FM.

CKXU 88.3FM is always looking for new students and community members to get involved at the station! We have opportunities available for the following categories:

  1. Event Volunteering
    Get involved at the station through one of our various events throughout the year! Volunteer opportunities are available at CKXU Loves You (February 9, 2018), Highway Cleanup (May 2018), and the CKXU Holiday Extravaganza (December 2018).
  2. FUNdrive Volunteering
    Start volunteering at the station as a super rad Phone Peep or as a FUNdrive event volunteer! Help us keep our donation phone lines open and available to pledgers from March 16-23, 2018 or help out at one of seven different FUNdrive 2018 events as a door volunteer, pledge table volunteer, or setup/takedown/decor volunteer!
  3. Programming Volunteering
    Become an on-air radio show host on CKXU 88.3FM! Work together with our Program Director to come up with a great plan for your very own radio show. Learn the ins and outs of becoming an on-air host through our production training and on-air training!
  4. Music Library Volunteering
    Get involved at the station through the Music Library! Chat with our Music Director and Assistant Music Director to learn the how-tos of the CKXU Music Library. Learn how to sort CDs, categorize music, review incoming CDs and much more!

If you are interested in becoming a CKXU volunteer or would like more information about these opportunities, feel free to email [email protected], or stop by the station to say hi!

Hope to meet you soon!

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