CKXU Debates is a planned series that will air in Summer 2016 on CKXU 88.3 FM. The concept is to offer CKXU listeners the chance to listen to informed, intelligent, respectful debates on issues that are of interest to our community. From local politics, to the Alberta economy, from student affairs to LGBTQ and Indigenous perspectives we will cover a range of topics in this weekly, limited-run series. The show will be available over the air and online.

CKXU Debates will be produced and moderated by Rob Csernyik, Program Director.

We are looking for people from the community to participate in the debates. You do not need any previous experience on air, only a passionate interest in your subject. Please fill out the following form to give us an indication of which topics you would be most interested in debating and what your background is in those fields. You will be matched up blindly according to your debate interests with one or two other people to appear on air with. You cannot request to appear with a particular person.

We cannot guarantee that all applicants will be chosen to participate. As the series is a limited-run summer series there may be more applicants than spaces available for the program. Participants will be chosen primarily based on their topics of interest, their background with the subject matter they wish to debate and their demonstrated interest in participating.

The final date for applications is 5 PM MST on Monday, February 15th, 2016. Participants will be given particular questions and topics in advance of recording to prepare. Recording the program will take approximately 1.5 hours and will take place during March and April 2016.

Questions? Contact Rob Csernyik at [email protected]


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