Just a note to say thank you for all of the love and support from all of our fantastic donors, volunteers, partners and sponsors during the 2016 FUNdrive! Together we raised $25,605 – Something that we just could not have accomplished without your support. Thank you, we truly appreciate it. Remember, you can donate to CKXU year-round at our online store! Remember, you have until April 15th to get your FUNdrive 2016 pledge paid up, entering you into the draw to WIN a Theoretically Brewing Company tour and tasting package consisting of the following:

2 bottles of Frequency Hopper EPA (6%)
1 bottle of Publish or Perish Porter (6.2%)
1 bottle of Curiosity Amber Ale (5.6%)

A Private Event Tours and Tasting Night (date to be determined by winner) for up to 10 people including: A tour of the Brewery, a guided tasting of up to 5 different beers by Theoretically Brewing Company, and appetizers. (90 minute duration)

Thank you so much for pledging to CKXU’s 2016 FUNdrive campaign, Hopefully we’ll be coming at you in 2017 at 3000 watts!




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