CKXU Presents: The Landing Party

Jump in your spaceships and come on down to the good ol’ space canteen for The Landing Party; a wild and hopping CKXU-ing trip around the sun to celebrate our 2018 FUNdrive! We want to celebrate another great year with the people who make our little radio station possible: our very valued volunteers, programmers, supporters, listeners, donors…. anyone and everyone who makes what we do worth it!

This year, The Landing Party will be held on March 23, 2018 at The Slice from 8pm to close. All funds raised at this rockin’ space jam will go towards our 2018 FUNdrive effort to launch this old space junk website into hyperspace and create a brand new and shiny website… WITH PODCASTING! Come on down to The Slice to celebrate with us!

This event features the musical talents of:

Space Band, NASA Camp Dropout, Cartwheel Galaxy, VandenDool + The Quasar Quartet, BumBark and HD80606


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