CKXU is inviting you to participate in another edition of our local releases mail-out. If you or any of your friends are about to or just recently cut a fine EP or LP of original tunes, check this out and forward it on to anyone you think might be interested or have them get in touch with me. Note that our next mail-out will take place in the new year.

Are you interested in having your album shipped out to as many as 50 other campus-community radio stations across Canada by us along with some other great local music? We will do this for you at a very low cost of $1 per CD (PLEASE in a sum of either 30 or 50) you wish to send. That’s only $30 or $50 to get your tunes all across Canada and possibly charting on the national campus-community radio charts!! This cost goes towards the postage and packaging costs. If interested in participating, please have the following prepared:

  • Have 30 or 50 copies (burning your own copies is fine, but test them to make sure they work!) of your upcoming or most recent release (released within the past 6 months or so ideally to ensure other stations will play them)
  • This isn’t mandatory, but recommended: Have a respective 30 or 50 copies of a one-sheet (click to read more if you’re unsure what I’m talking about), with important information about the album you are sending. Search online for one-sheet templates if you’d like a more specific idea, or would like help in getting started. If you would like us to make photocopies of this for you, please add $5 to your total.
    • Limit the following info to one piece of paper:
      • a) Artist name
      • b) Album title
      • c) Album release date
      • d) Contact info / Website / Social media links
      • e) Genre and name a few other artists that you sound like
      • f) Put a note that lists any songs with potentially offensive language or content that others might need warning about before playing on radio
      • g) Brief band bio / Additional info about this release
      • h) *OPTIONAL* a photo of the artist and the album cover is a nice visual to add…
  • Bring $30 to send 30 copies of your album or $50 to send 50 (plus the $5 for printing costs if needed) to CKXU. Most weekday evenings, plus Tuesday, Thursday, Friday afternoons work best for me. Please get in touch for other arrangements.
  • Have this to CKXU by Wednesday, November 8th at the latest! We will aim to send these packs out by Friday of that week.

Feel free to get in touch with any other questions you might have at [email protected]

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