Review taken from: Earshot


Punk rock was always meant to be DIY. It was never made to be mass-produced, accessible to the broad public. The fact that punk exists on the internet at all poses some ethical problems, and perhaps this could be an excuse as to how some of its founders have recently found themselves as shills on Virgin credit cards. How does punk in its purest form embrace the world wide web when fighting against ‘the man’ controlling the system? How do you access the internet when the place you are squatting in doesn’t even have electricity? How do you make an EP on a computer that has no cassette recorder?


Pity, a hardcore punk trio coming out of Toronto however, remind me of the punk rock days of dial-up internet. These were days when your favourite independent punk bands did not exist anywhere in the world outside of that 4-song CD-R and the only way to watch their live show was by going early enough to see them as openers for Integrity. Nowadays, bands tour, distribute physical copies and at the very least, share digital albums, but there’s very little about Pity online except for their first 7”, The Struggle. This sequel, The Struggle II, clocks 6 songs once again in about 5 minutes, a bargain of three tracks per side of the record. With titles like “A Blatant Lack of Respect for Authority” and “No God to Judge Me,” their relation to anarcho-punk is evident, though they show their softer side with songs, like “How to be a Better Ally.” Their short and to-the-point setlist would most assuredly be written on butcher paper and fit well on a bill with classics like Discharge and GBH or contemporaries like Municipal Waste, Failures and Brutal Knights.


Hopefully this politically conscious high-paced release will find its way onto the internet at some point to grace big brother with a dose of his own medicine –that of any good “Hard Drinking Man,” beer and sweat-soaked shouts, double-timed beats, and a messy heap of distortion.

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