Review taken from: The Meliorist – “Remember September” (September 2015 print issue)



Lo-fi indie jangle pop music. If this genre isn’t the new pool party soundtrack, I really don’t know what is. Brought on by a cast of artists, Ariel Pink, Ty Segall, Phil Elverum (of The Microphones, Mount Eerie, etc.), Mac Demarco and the like, this blend of genres has really taken off. The often tongue-in-cheek 90s retro-worship suits the current generation of new university students, raised on internet memes and pixel-limited smartphone cameras. No release I’ve listened to this year better sums up this aesthetic, than the release, Sup, by Winnipeg trio, Human Music –check the cover of their first album, How’s it Goin?, for a perfect example of this visual component. It’s perfectly laidback for chillin’ with a hotdog and a can of beer and surely you’ll be able to imagine your professors relating stories of their exploits with The Beatles as their soundtrack. You’ll also visualize mentioning “Human Music” to them, and you’ll snicker when they don’t realize it’s the name of your new favourite band and not a reference to the good old days when people played instruments instead of iTunes. Then your friend will splash you from the pool and you’ll return to the lawnchair you’re sitting in. This album even has a track called, “Cool Party.” Couple that with the aforementioned swimsuits and it equals just what most every university student is reminiscing about in September and hoping to find in their first weeks back on campus.

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