Despite the intentionally misleadingly generic title, Advertising, this 4-song sonic blast clocking in at just over 12 minutes, is anything BUT an advertisement. This is the real thing. Wincing, feedback-laden guitar over top a pummelling rhythm, with barely-comprehensible lyrics, this sounds like the Cosmic Psychos with an Atomizer-era Steve Albini on vocals.


The one-word song titles, “Familiarity,” “Processed,” “Covert,” and “Commodity,” leave this listener with no doubt as to who or what is in the crosshairs of this Lethbridge bludgeon unit. Curiously, the minimal information available through the band’s social media pages offer few clues, save for listing “The Invisible Hand” as their manager and the headline from a 1986 newspaper article about the indictment of American politician Fred Dwyer. (Dwyer would become much more famous after his post-indictment press conference, as he committed suicide during it, live on TV). It is refreshing to hear the kind of anger and energy being put forth by Advertisement. Nice to see someone carrying the torch.

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