Ira is Blackfoot from the Piikani First Nation in what is now known as Southern Alberta Canada. He is a multi-talented musician, performer and songwriter working and contributing to many music groups and projects for the last 25 years. Ira’s music reflects his profession as an educator and scholar of Native American (First Nations) awareness and understanding. His songs tell stories of gaining strength from culture and heritage in hopes of instilling a solid sense of identity in First Nations people of all ages, everywhere. Ira also uses his songs and stories to shed barriers among First Nations and Non-First Nations people.

Ira has previously released a CD of contemporary First Nations Music entitled Blackfoot Sky. The stories and songs on the CD promote his Blackfoot pride and heritage

Blackfoot Sky has won various awards and recognition such as the Blackfoot Canadian Cultural Society’s 2010 Award for Performing Arts for Blackfoot Sky. Provost also was awarded the Aboriginal Council of Lethbridge’s 2010 award for Community Leadership.

Ira resides in Southern Alberta with his wife Ruth and family and is currently completing his Master of Arts Degree in Native American Studies at the University of Lethbridge.
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